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5 foods that make you feel more hungry after eating ... including French fries and bread

 We eat to obtain the required amount of fuel to keep our bodies functioning, but it is paradoxically that some foods do not make us feel full but rather make us feel hungry and crave more, the feeling of constant hunger is not pleasant, and during the following report we look at some foods that will leave you hungry or even Hunger, as published on the boldsky site.

White bread

It is sometimes called "junk bread." White flour bread has little nutritional value. It is made from white flour and fats that give more calories but less filling for that. Instead of large white bread, eat whole grain products for breakfast, which will It offers you the best.

Egg whites

It is good for your health, but eating it will not make you feel full and it can make you feel hungry because the yolk is the protein part of the eggs, which helps you to be full due to the presence of (amino acids).

Fruit juice

Fruit juice is good but not nearly as good as the fruit itself due to the lack of fiber. Without the necessary nutrients, juice can raise and lower your blood sugar level, and you will be hungry again in no time.

Soda drinks

The more soda you have, the more calories you get, which leads to feeling hungry, soda prevents you from feeling full, and soda mixed with sugar makes you crave more sweetness, which is definitely bad for health.

fried potato

 Frying potatoes in oil and salt makes them worthless. Use the same potatoes for baking or boiling, and you will gain a lot. If you really miss the chips, use the sweet potato.


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