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Czech Foreign Minister confirms stepping down from office

 Czech Foreign Minister, Tomas Petricek, has confirmed that he will step down at the request of the Chairman of his Social Democratic Party, Deputy Prime Minister, Jan Hamacic.

During a press conference reported by "Prague International" Radio today, Monday, Petricek said that Hamacik had asked the Prime Minister, Andrej Babisch, to make a change in the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that he considered this a political decision.

As for the deputy prime minister, he confirmed - during a separate press briefing - the correctness of speculation circulated in the media that the reclining foreign minister will replace him in the post, Lubomir Zoralek, who is currently holding the position of Minister of Culture, as well as the legislator Minister of Culture, a member of the Social Democratic Party, Jan Berke. , Who confirmed he had received the offer.

The deputy prime minister denied speculation that he had sacked Petricek under pressure from the Czech president, Milos Zeman.

Petricic lost his bid last Friday to become president of the Social Democratic Party, the junior member of the ruling coalition government, as the party re-elected President Jan Hamacik for another term.


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