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Masoud Ozil publishes a picture of the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque and the flag of Egypt: A blessed Friday for all Muslims

 The German star, Masoud Uzil, the player of the Turkish club Fenerbahce, is visiting Cairo, where he explained through his personal account on the social networking site "Facebook" that he is currently in the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, in Cairo, through the GPS feature, and a drawn picture Him with the mosque.

The German star, Masoud Uzel, player of Fenerbahce Turkish Club, shared with his fans a picture of him next to the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo, through his official account on the "Facebook" website, accompanied by a comment: "I was a Muslim ... I am a Muslim ... I will be a Muslim." .. I will die, God willing, as a Muslim .. and I am proud to be a Muslim ... Blessed Friday for all Muslims and women. "

Turkish Fenerbahce received a great shock at the beginning of last March, after it was confirmed that his German star, Mesut Ozil, was absent for at least a month, after the strong injury he suffered during the confrontation with his guest, the Antalya Sport team - at the time - which ended with a 1-1 draw, in the competition 28 of the Turkish League for the current season 2020-2021.


Ozil suffered a severe injury that forced him to leave the stadium for the Fenerbahce match with Antalya Sport in the 67th minute, and Irfan Kahwaji entered instead.


The Turkish newspaper "Al-Sabah" reported that the initial medical examinations that the German star Ozil had undergone showed that he suffered from a partial tear in the inner and outer lateral ligaments of the ankle, and he is expected to be absent from the stadiums for a month.


Ozil had joined the ranks of the Turkish Fenerbahce during the last winter transfer market from the Arsenal team, with a contract for a period of 3 and a half years.


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