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She described her as "the Queen" .. What did Ahlam write about Sherihan?

 The Emirati singer, Ahlam, described her fellow Egyptian actress, Sherihan, as "the Queen", a nickname for which the Gulf artist was famous, after the show star surprised her fans by appearing in a promotional advertisement for a telecommunications network in Egypt.

And the owner of "Fadwa Ayounak" wrote, through her official account on the Twitter site, "When Sherihan returns, freed art returns with gold."

She also added, "This is always our precious god. All love is for you, O great, Queen."

Sherihan appeared with her long hair and full fitness and grace, despite the passage of many years since her last show. The advertisement came in a showcasing manner in which the artist tells her journey from childhood and the dream of fame through the great accident she was exposed to in the year 1989, which led to a fracture in her spine and the journey of her treatment, all the way to recovery and her return to her audience stronger.

The audience welcomed the appearance of his star, which was a big unexpected surprise, and the pioneers of social networking sites competed in interpreting her reviews that express her struggle journey.

The artist, Sherihan, was absent from the artworks in 2002 after suffering from salivary gland cancer, which is one of the fiercest types of cancer, and she underwent a meticulous surgery to eradicate the tumor in France.

This operation left a large number of side effects, as Sherihan suffered several problems in the nerves of the face, which made her go through another experience with a number of surgeries until she regains her health and the appearance that was affected by the original surgery.


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