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The death of an Egyptian pilot, days after the ruling in his favor against Muhammad Ramadan

 Egyptian media announced, on Saturday morning, the death of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, after his health deteriorated during the past days.

Local sources stated that Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr had been lying, for more than a month, in intensive care in a hospital, before his condition worsened even more.

Abu Al-Yusr died a few days after the Cairo Economic Court decided to compel the star Mohamed Ramadan to pay compensation of 6 million pounds (about 382 thousand dollars) to the pilot Ashraf.

The Egyptian pilot was behind the crisis that broke out with the star Mohamed Ramadan, who published a picture from inside the cabin of an airplane piloted by Abu Al-Yusr.

Following the court's decision, Muhammad Ramadan published a video clip throwing dollars into a swimming pool, to be answered by pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr from inside the intensive care unit.

"Masrawy" website quoted Abu Al-Yusr as saying: "There are many people who need this money, and many people are tired and needy. I wish he could direct it with this money, right. I wish he could direct it right."

He added, "They say in Arabic every barghout on the death of his blood. You are possible for you 100 pounds or a thousand pounds can simplify you, and for the second thousand pounds, you can fade a refrigerator drawer.

Case details

The lawsuit against Ramadan indicated that the latter took advantage of the photo with the injured pilot to promote a video clip "You will not search at the airport," which led to the imposition of a penalty on the pilot to withdraw his flight license.

The spark of this issue erupted after Ramadan posted on his personal Instagram page a video of him from inside the cabin of the plane heading from Cairo to Riyadh to share with them his "first experience in piloting airplanes."

Ramadan entered the cockpit and received instructions from Captain Abu Al-Yusr, and his brother Mahmoud's voice appeared in the background, swearing by God that Muhammad was the one who was piloting the plane, not the original pilot.


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