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The Public Prosecutor orders the imprisonment of 23 defendants in the Toukh train accident

 Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Public Prosecutor, ordered the imprisonment of 23 defendants in the Toukh train accident, namely the “train commander” and “his assistant” and “worker” and “the observer for the maintenance of the railways in the area where the accident occurred” and “the director general of the renewal of those tracks”, and “ General Manager of Maintenance, “Mechanical Engineer,” “A group of workers and technicians specializing in the maintenance of tractors and vehicles,” “Technician at Shubra El-Kheima Station,” and “Workers at Misr Station.”

He ordered the release of the "Director General of Infrastructure Maintenance" and "Head of the Central Department for Maintenance of Units", if the first paid a financial guarantee of one hundred thousand pounds, and the second paid a financial guarantee of fifty thousand pounds, otherwise their imprisonment would continue, and he ordered the seizure and bringing of the "director Railways Engineering Department in the accident area, and “Porsche Abu Ghats engineer”; This was because some of them mistakenly caused the death of 23 people and injured 139 other passengers of the train No. (949), and this was due to their negligence and lack of observance of laws, decisions, regulations and regulations as a result of their gross breach of what the assets of their jobs imposed on them, and unintentionally causing an accident to a public transport The wilderness endangered the people who were in it and resulted in the death and injury of some of them.

In addition to neglecting some of the defendants in the maintenance and use of public funds entrusted to each other, and interfering with their maintenance and use in their jurisdiction in a way that obstructed their use and endangered their safety and the safety of persons, which resulted in an accident that resulted in the death and injury of more than one person, and others committed crimes of forgery in documents. Official, use and subscribe to it.

The "Public Prosecution" had reached a preliminary understanding of the accident, which was the fall of several cars from the train No. (949) while it was traveling in front of (the village of Sandanhor) in the district of Benha in the Qalyubia governorate. Due to its exit from the railway strip and the separation of some of its wheelbases from it, which led to its overturn, the accident resulted in the death of 23 train passengers and injuring 139 of them.

Within the framework of the Public Prosecution's investigation into the accident, it had moved to inspect its location, and the subsequent damage was found to the overturned vehicles and their wheelbases. They examined the railway tape at the site and proved the observations it had made on it for a technical explanation, as well as inspecting the watch towers along the railway strip at the site to indicate the status of the traffic lights in it. Before the accident, as well as the transfer monitoring rooms on tape to indicate if any malfunctions occurred in them prior to the accident, and they made reservations on a statement of maintenance and renovation plans for the infrastructure, tractors and mobile vehicles for the area in which the accident occurred for the years 2020/2021; For technical examination, I also reserved the memory card of the train brake and automatic control device (ATC) for technical examination.

The "Public Prosecution" asked 29 "officials of the National Authority for Egyptian Railways", heard the testimony of about 104 of the injured in the accident, and authorized the burial of the bodies identified, and formed a technical committee of specialists "in the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces" and "the advisory office of the Military Technical College" and “Member of the Administrative Control Authority”; To inspect the train and its safety and security devices, and indicate the validity of the railway lines at the site of the accident, the validity of the devices for switching trains between those lines, and the devices for control rooms with light signals, all of this to arrive at how the accident occurred and to identify the perpetrators and those responsible for its occurrence, directly or indirectly.

This, and the Counselor ordered the Attorney General at dawn today, corresponding to the twentieth of the current month of April, to summon “the head of the National Authority for Egyptian Railways” to hear his statements before the “operating room formed in the technical office of the Attorney General”, and in light of the decision issued for his mandate in another position, he ordered to summon him and summon whom He is currently in this position to question them in front of the operating room, and investigations are being completed.


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