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Tunisia suspends the arrival of travelers to the port of Goulette El Wadi from 3 to 21 May due to Corona

 Tunisia announced the suspension of the arrival of travelers to the port of La Goulette El-Wadi El-Bahri from 3 to 21 May due to Corona, according to the "Al-Arabiya" satellite channel, in urgent news to it a short while ago.

The head of the National Immunization Committee in Tunisia, Al-Hashemi, the Minister, confirmed that the stock of the new (Corona) vaccine is within the limits of 420 thousand vaccine doses in the central pharmacy and vaccination centers, including 100,000 doses of `` AstraZeneca ''.

The Tunisian minister stated - in a press statement today, Friday - that Tunisia will receive 3 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine between June and September, which will arrive in batches ... confirming that one million doses of this vaccine will be reached by next June, in addition to waiting for the arrival. 470 thousand doses of Sputnik vaccine, 75 thousand of which will arrive next week, and he also confirmed that Tunisia requested 4 million and 500 thousand doses of the Kovacs vaccine, of which only 190 thousand doses arrived.

The Tunisian Prime Minister, Hicham El Mechichi, ruled out imposing a comprehensive quarantine and closing the borders during this period due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Al-Meshishi, who is also in charge of managing the affairs of the Ministry of Interior, on the occasion of giving him the signal to launch the vaccination campaign for the units of the Internal Security Forces of the Ministry of Interior, confirmed that the state imposed an internally targeted quarantine, and the necessity to reveal a laboratory analysis regarding the arrivals to Tunisia, which would enable the country to bypass The current health crisis.

And he considered that the imposition of targeted quarantine aims to ensure the equation between preserving citizen health and a minimum of economic life.


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