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Zamalek regains the tone of winning with two goals in the goal of the war production in the league

 The Zamalek team scored 3 important points in the competition for the league title after it defeated the Military Production team with two clean goals today, in the match that they collected in the 16th round of the League, which was held at Al Salam Stadium, and Zamalek scored two goals by Ashraf Bin Sharqi in the 22nd minute of A penalty kick, and Hamid Haddad in the 40th minute of the match.

With this result, Zamalek occupies the top of the league with 36 points, while the balance of military production is frozen at point 12 in the last place.

Zamalek dominated the events of the first half completely and was the most dangerous, while the War Production players tried to swap Zamalek attacks between counterattacks and penetration from the sides, but Zamalek players and their defense thwarted all the offensive attempts of the Military Production team.

Ali Fathy, the left back of the production team, committed two mistakes, the first caused a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek, which Ben Sharqi advanced, and the second after passing the ball by mistake to Hamid Haddad, who placed it in the net, to end the game 2/0 for Zamalek.

The second half began with an intense attack from the Military Production team to adjust the score, and in the 51st minute, Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the Zamalek defender, was expelled after receiving the second warning.

Zamalek players controlled the events of the match despite the numerical shortage, and Carteron gave instructions to the players in the defensive bloc, to prevent the goals of Zamalek from entering the goal.

In the 82nd minute, Mohamed Talaat, the Military Production striker, was expelled after being replaced for spitting on the Zamalek bench and the technical staff while he was leaving.

The production players are trying to score a goal to save face, in return Zamalek committed to the defense, and the match ended with Zamalek winning two clean goals.


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