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Cristiano Ronaldo increases the mystery about his future with Juventus

 Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo added to the ambiguity about his future with Juventus, as he did not reveal his future during the coming period with Juventus, especially since there is a high possibility of his departure this summer in order to have a new experience.


Cristiano Ronaldo's news today

According to the Italian newspaper "Toto Sport", Cristiano Ronaldo only needs to remain silent if he decides to stay with Juventus and complete his contract, which expires in June 2022.

The newspaper confirmed that the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, if he left the Bianconeri, will be with Manchester United, England, or Paris Saint-Germain, France.

The newspaper indicated that the ambiguity is currently increasing about Cristiano's future, and that the player controls the Juventus transfer market, by searching for a replacement for him, or will he continue with the team next season.


Cristiano Ronaldo's news today

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score 29 goals in the Italian league, but the goals did not help Juventus only to finish fourth in the Italian league table, and to participate in the Champions League in the new season.

Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League last-16 against Porto.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, is currently with the Portuguese national team, in order to prepare to participate in Euro 2020 this summer.


Cristiano Ronaldo's news today

While press reports revealed, earlier, that Massimiliano Allegri, the new technical director of the Italian club Juventus, did not set any conditions for him to take over the coaching team, starting next season, succeeding his compatriot Andrea Pirlo, and Allegri, the 53-year-old, signed his new contract with the Bianconeri. For the next 4 seasons, for € 9 million annual salary.

The newspaper "Corriere dello Sport" said that Allegri did not put the continuation of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo as a condition for returning to the ranks of the old lady.


Cristiano Ronaldo's news today

The newspaper confirmed that the future of Cristiano Ronaldo is unknown with the team, but the only thing is that the player has a contract that expires at the end of next season.

Allegri previously took over as coach of Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus in the 2018-2019 season and the relationship was positive at first, but everything collapsed at the end of the season, especially since the defensive way of the Italian coach did not like Cristiano Ronaldo.


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