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Today, the start of the implementation of the decision to return to the summer appointments for shops and malls

 Today, Tuesday, the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the Management of the Corona Crisis will start working on returning to work by the summer appointments regarding the opening and closing of shops and malls, cafes, cafes and restaurants, predetermined by the decisions of the Ministers of Local Development, Tourism and Antiquities, provided that these dates will be applied as of early June 2021. And the confirmation that the fine will be applied to establishments that violate these dates, and their immediate closure for a period of two weeks, and in the event of recurrence, the closure will take place for a month, and it has also been stressed that all preventive and precautionary measures related to dealing with the Corona virus will continue to be applied in all public places, especially those that are overcrowded. Notably, with the continued application of the fine to the violations of these procedures, among which is the prohibition of offering "hookah".


The committee also agreed to continue to prohibit the establishment of moulids, to stress the ban on holding funerals and weddings, and to commit to holding weddings only in open places. This is in an effort to preserve the health of the citizens; Due to the large gatherings witnessed by these occasions, it is difficult to apply the precautionary measures, and emphasis was placed at the same time on the application of precautionary measures when holding meetings and organizing conferences, according to what the Ministry of Health announced in this regard.


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