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3 pounds fell .. gold prices in Egypt today, Tuesday

 And the price of gold in Egypt today, Tuesday, 21 karat about 788 pounds, 18 karat about 675 pounds, and 24 karat about 901 pounds, and the gold pound recorded about 6304 pounds.

Some citizens who wish to invest by buying gold wonder about the occasion at the present time to buy gold locally, especially after gold prices in Egypt fell by more than 40 pounds at the price of one gram without workmanship, during the last month’s transactions.

Ehab Wassef, Vice President of the Gold Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said in previous statements to “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” that so far there are no economic indicators that could affect global gold prices and thus reflect locally, so the time is currently very suitable for those who wish to buy gold.

The Vice President of the Gold Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce said that international gold prices are currently witnessing a state of stability, following the decline in global gold prices following the US Federal Reserve's decision.

Wassef stressed that local gold prices witnessed a decline in prices locally the week before last, affected by international prices and the rise in the price of the dollar. With this significant drop in prices, which exceeded 44 pounds at the price of a gram of gold, the 21st carat sold locally, citizens went to buy.

The Vice President of the Gold Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce added that with citizens’ desire to buy gold, there was a boom in the local market, and thus a rise in demand for gold with a decline and a decrease in supply, which led to a rise in gold prices locally within the limits of 8 pounds per gram without workmanship.

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