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Ali Abu Greisha: We snatched a point from the strongest teams in the championship and are able to climb to the Olympics

 Ali Abu Greisha, the Ismaili star and our former national team, nicknamed the fruit of Egyptian football, confirmed that our Olympic team succeeded in snatching the tie point with the Spanish Matador, which is the strongest team of the tournament ever, which includes in its ranks 6 players from the stars of the first team, which participated in the last European Nations Championship And Ali Abu Greisha said in statements to Youm7 TV with colleagues Muhammad Iraqi and Ahmed Essam: “After watching the first match, I see that our team is able to rise, especially in the case of continued manly spirit and performance on the part of the players. Shawqi Gharib has great experiences after a great training journey. The 25-year-old has experience of gaining and achieving positive results.

The Egyptian Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, achieved a good result with the taste of victory, with a negative draw with Spain in the first round of the Tokyo Olympics, so that each team gets a point, and the two teams are waiting for the Argentina-Australia match scheduled for today, and the Egypt team will face next Sunday at nine and a half Argentina national football team in the second round


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