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Angry at Al Ahly over Musimani's remarks about the players drinking alcohol

A state of resentment prevailed inside the Al-Ahly club towards the South African coach, Betso Musimani, technical director of the football team, after the statements he made regarding 10% of his team's players drinking alcohol, and these statements sparked confusion and anger among the fans of the Red Genie and Musimani who achieved achievements with "Al-Ahly" including the title of the African Champions League for the second time in a row and said during his talk to South African Radio, 90% of the red genie players do not drink alcohol, but he raised great confusion when only 10% of the players of the Red Castle were alleged They drink alcohol.

Musymani revealed that he used an alcohol meter on his former team "Sundowns", but he does not use it here in Egypt with Al-Ahly players, although he said 10% of them drink alcohol.

Musimani confirmed that a South African player will join Al Ahly in the coming period, saying, "There is a player joining Al Ahly from South Africa, not Loursh or Sereno, and not a player from my former team (Sundowns), because I am not talking about these players because they will lead me to the trial.

"It's very important to work with local people, especially when you're from a different country, because they speak the language and they speak it in a way that the players can understand," he said.

Al-Ahly's coach added, "I would like the South African players to come to play here, but I want to take the right ways to do this, you know what happened with Sereno. They said I am striding my former team of its most prominent players, even though Al-Ahly wanted it before I came here

Museimani won the CAF Champions League title with Al-Ahly for the second time in a row, and the third in his coaching career, after winning the title with Sun Downs in 2016


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