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Iraqi Foreign Minister: We expect to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of US forces from our country


The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, announced today, Friday, that he expects to reach an agreement on the American withdrawal from Iraq, during today's talks that will take place in Washington between Iraqi and American officials.

Hussein said, in statements carried by the Saudi “Al-Hadath” channel, that “the security and military aspect will be the focus of discussions with Washington,” adding that “Washington and Baghdad are allies against ISIS and will remain so.”

He continued, "The strategic dialogue with Washington will focus on the timetable for the American withdrawal."

Hussein considered that "the situation we have is not like Afghanistan."

And he added, "Washington and other countries will help Baghdad with information about terrorists, especially ISIS, and intelligence cooperation between Washington and Baghdad will continue after the withdrawal."

Yesterday, the US State Department announced that there is coordination with the Iraqi authorities regarding confronting the terrorist organization ISIS.

The US State Department spokesman said in a press conference: "Our goal in Iraq is to support the government in its battles against ISIS and to ensure its final defeat."

He added, "The American presence in Iraq will be discussed during Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi's visit to Washington."

He continued, "We do not want to pre-empt matters about the presence of our forces in Iraq."


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