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The truth about the death of the Egyptian actress, Badriya Tolba


A number of social media pioneers circulated news of the death of the artist, Badriya Tolba.


Badriya Tolba denied the rumors, saying: "They nullified the rumors, with a seriousness that is forbidden. They terrify our children and our parents. Shame on you, what do you benefit from?"


And the artist, Badria Tolba, had published a video clip collected by the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, through her personal account on the social networking site.


Badriya Tolba commented on the video, saying: "A thousand safety, Anwar my eyes, may God bring you safety for your loved ones and for your audience who loves you and prays for you from his heart for healing, and may God keep you from the eye."

It is noteworthy that the artist Badriya Tolba supported the artist Tamer Hosni after his crisis with the retired artist Hala Shiha, through her page on the social networking site “Facebook”.


Badriya Tolba addressed her words about Tamer Hosni, saying: I love all my colleagues and I feel for them my sisters, my children, my teachers, and in the end, after any work, I go to my house and follow them like a regular follower, and I like to say a word of truth to the colleagues who are close to me and whom I dealt with closely and I must say it at the time and the time of his speech He is right about the star Tamer Hosni, who I know closely from the day he appeared, and I see from him situations that no one knows and does not believe in. What is the son of Adam Jabbar?


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