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Biden: The evacuation planes that take off from Kabul go first to US bases around the world

 US President Joe Biden said on Sunday evening, "The United States' first priority in Kabul is the evacuation of American citizens," stressing that 12,000 people have been evacuated from Kabul since August 14.

Biden stressed, in a press conference from Washington, the work to evacuate all Americans wishing to return home from Kabul, describing the evacuation of thousands of people as a cruel and painful process. around the world".

US President Joe Biden stressed that "the US administration is working to return its citizens and the nationals of its allies," stressing that Washington has "activated the reserve fleet of civil aviation in the evacuation operations from Afghanistan."

Biden stressed that "America will impose sanctions on the Taliban movement (which is terrorist and banned in Russia) if it misbehaves," stressing the need "to decide what it will do to meet the wishes of the Afghan people."

"Civilians at Kabul airport are facing the threat of attacks that may be carried out by the terrorist organization ISIS," he said, adding that "terrorists in Afghanistan may take advantage of the security situation and launch attacks targeting Afghans or foreigners."


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