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Jordan agrees to allow 2,500 Afghans to cross its territory before heading to the United States

 The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs announced that Jordan has agreed to cross 2,500 Afghans through its territory on their way to the United States of America. With the United States, arrangements are made for the transit of Afghan nationals who are evacuated through Jordan and for their transfer to the United States.

Chaos continues to dominate the public scene in Afghanistan, whether in the capital, Kabul or outside, where an Afghan soldier was killed in a shooting at one of the airport gates, while the United States announced the acceleration of evacuations, although chaos is still hindering them.

US President Joe Biden said the difficult and painful evacuation of Americans and tens of thousands of others from the Afghan capital, Kabul, was accelerating, but he did not rule out extending efforts beyond the deadline for withdrawing troops by the end of August, which he had set before the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

In remarks at the White House on Sunday night, Biden defended his decision to end the war and insisted that getting all Americans out of the country would have been difficult in the best of circumstances.

Biden said: "Evacuating thousands of people from Kabul will be difficult and painful, no matter when it begins. This would have been true if it had started a month ago or a month from now." There is no way to evacuate so many people without the pain and heartbreaking images of loss that you see on television.

Biden said that discussions are underway about the possibility of extending the evacuation after the August 31 deadline, but he added our hope that we will not have to extend, but there are discussions, pointing to the possibility of consulting the Taliban.

However, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that August 31 is the "red line" for the withdrawal of US forces, and prolonging the time means extending the occupation, and Shaheen added that he will not provide the United States and Britain with additional time to evacuate, otherwise there will be serious consequences.


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