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Messi ends his short trip to Barcelona and returns to France

 Argentine Lionel Messi, captain of the Paris Saint-Germain team, returned to France after a short trip to Barcelona, ​​​​to spend some of his affairs with his family.

And the French newspaper, L'Equipe, revealed that Lionel Messi returned to France after a short trip to Barcelona to finish some of his property matters before ending his relationship with the Catalan city, and to please his three children.

The newspaper added that Lionel Messi will join Paris Saint-Germain's training in "Camp de Log", the club's training center in the French capital, in preparation for facing Reims Stadium next Sunday, in the fourth round of the French League.

There were several reports about Lionel Messi's debut with Paris Saint-Germain against Stade Reims, in the fourth round of the French League competition.

On the other hand, Argentine Christian Romero, Tottenham Hotspur defender, revealed that former Barcelona star Lionel Messi wanted him to join the Catalan team.

"It's great to think that Messi wanted me to join him in Barcelona and become his teammate," Romero told Radio AM 550.

Romero moved from Atalanta to Tottenham, while Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain in August.

Barcelona was interested in including Romero in the summer transfer market, but he did not succeed in developing this interest into an actual negotiation, given his financial situation, and his deep crisis with his current salary bill, which hindered the registration of his new deals for a long time.

And about Messi's transfer to Paris, he said, "The team they assembled in Paris Saint-Germain is crazy, I'm a little sad because Leo left Barcelona, ​​I thought he would stay there forever."

The Argentine defender added, "I wish him the best, he is an excellent person and I hope he wins everything with the other Argentines there."

Paris Saint-Germain includes an Argentine international duo other than Messi, who owns Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes, and is also coached by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.

23-year-old Romero participated in Messi winning the Copa America, the title absent from his country since 1993


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