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New photos of the newlyweds Nelly Karim and her husband on their honeymoon in New York

 Former squash player Ramy Ashour shared new photos with his star wife Nelly Karim, while they were spending their honeymoon in New York, roaming the streets of

New York. ".

It is reported that Nelly Karim celebrated the first birthday of her husband, Hisham Ashour, in New York, a week after their marriage. New York and then returned to Egypt after the catastrophic changes of Corona.

In the same context, Nelly Karim published a picture of her, accompanied by Hisham, embracing him and behind them the high-rises of New York, where they traveled there for their honeymoon vacation.

Actress Nelly Karim continues her honeymoon with her husband, former squash player, Hisham Ashour, in New York.


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