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Percy Tau joins Al-Ahly's arsenal.. Will he complete the march of the "left foot" stars?

 After much gossip, Al-Ahly club recently revealed the completion of its contract with international player Percy Tau, coming from the English club Brighton, to strengthen the left wing position in the team, which was one of the technical problems that caused a headache in the head of Pitso Mosimane, coach of the red team throughout this. The season is almost over.

Throughout the long history of Al-Ahly club, which is full of championships, successes and titles, it has not resorted to strengthening its ranks by contracting with a large number of professional players with left-footed players.

Brilliance for the back, failure for the wings

With a quick look at the journey of the number of left-footed players that Al-Ahly contracted with in recent years, we will find that the South African player Percy Tau has a fate in front of him, either to follow the path of failure and leave the doors of the ancient club quickly, as happened with every left wing contracted by Al-Ahly previously. Or he follows the path of many championships and unlimited love in the hearts of Al-Ahly fans, as happened in only two cases, their heroes were only players, and the two occupied the left-back position throughout their consultations with Al-Ahly, which is currently extended in the case of one of them only after the retirement of the other, and Al-Ahly coaches relied on them sometimes. Also in the center of the left wing but not too much.

Gilberto's heavy legacy and Maaloul's continued brilliance

And talking here about the Angolan Sebastiao Gilberto, and the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the first spent 8 seasons with Al-Ahly from 2002 to 2010, during which he won dozens of championships, and the left-back was always the first in the choices of the Portuguese club legend, Manuel Jose, coach of the team for many years, which ensured him To turn with time into one of the icons of the red fans who love him greatly and represents one of the legends of the club for them.

The second is the main left-back of the team at present, who once wore the Al-Ahly shirt in 2016, and became one of the fans of the red fans, because of the most wonderful performance that the Tunisian player provides with the team permanently and continuously until now.

No success, no luck, no goals

In complete contrast, Al-Ahly did not do justice to any foreign left winger who contracted with him in recent years, and no matter how different their nationalities were, none of them could impose themselves on the formation of Al-Ahly or even the hearts of its fans, after he missed success, reconciliation and goals.

And the latest in that list was Walter Bwalya, who came to Al-Ahly recently from El-Gouna club, and despite the many opportunities that the Congolese player obtained, among which there were not a few matches at the expense of Al-Ahly’s best strikers this season, he could not confirm his worth in the Al-Ahly shirt so far. He was very close to leaving.

Among them are also the trio (Castello, Moussa Yadan, Geraldo), whose careers are almost identical to Al-Ahly, as the three could not prove their ability to put Al-Ahly and its fans on the podiums, so Al-Ahly and his fans dispensed with them as soon as possible.


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