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Reports: Barcelona makes a new offer to prevent Messi from leaving Paris Saint-Germain

 Press reports today, Tuesday, blew up a new surprise about Lionel Messi's relationship with his Spanish team, Barcelona, ​​​​confirming that it is a continuous and extended relationship and has not ended, stressing that the Barca administration is preparing a new offer to present to the Argentine star before signing with Paris Saint-Germain.

And the La Porteria channel website, which specializes in Barcelona news, said that Lionel Messi's relationship with his Barcelona team did not end, and that the series to renew the Argentine star's contract may witness surprises in the coming days, despite his announcement of his departure.

The site confirmed that the Barcelona administration made a final offer to Argentine star Lionel Messi to stay in the team, and that the offer took place after the farewell conference he organized and announced that he had given everything in order to remain in the team, but the difficult economic conditions forced the two parties to leave.

According to the site, the offer was presented after the farewell press conference, where Ferran Riverter, CEO of Barcelona, ​​​​negotiates with the Argentine star and his representatives in order to agree on the last offer.

La Porteria also confirmed that the option for Messi to stay in Barcelona was not completely closed, despite the news that he was close to moving to Paris Saint-Germain.

The site did not reveal the details of the latest offer made by the Barcelona administration to the star Lionel Messi.

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi, is still at his home in Barcelona, ​​​​and met some of his friends, and journalists are present next to the house, and some Barcelona fans are trying to pressure him to stay and attend near his house to bid him farewell and chant his name.

At the same time, Paris Saint-Germain fans are still eagerly awaiting his arrival in Paris and stationed near Le Bourget Airport in the hope that his plane will land from Barcelona.

According to La Porteria, the issue of Messi staying or leaving is still uncertain, but there is a new offer and negotiations about it already.


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