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The merciful, may God have mercy on them... 200,000 dirhams as a reward for saving a cat in "Dubai"

 4 people who rescued a cat in Dubai received a reward from the ruler of the emirate, the country's Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, according to the network "Russia Today".

Last Tuesday, the ruler of Dubai was affected by a video in which he saw 4 people rescuing a cat that was about to fall from the third floor in a building in the “Deira” area in Dubai, and Mohammed bin Rashid broadcast a video on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, with a tweet in which he praised the appearances Mercy in the emirate, then asked his followers "10 million and 600 thousand" to help him search for the people who appeared in the video to thank them for what they did.

Ruler of Dubai: Proud and happy with every manifestation of mercy in our beautiful city

Bin Rashid wrote on Twitter: "The merciful, the Most Merciful, have mercy on them, proud and happy with every manifestation of mercy in our beautiful city. Those who know them guide us to thank them."

The rescuers of the cat, which was stuck in one of the balcony of a building in the Deira area of ​​Dubai, said that they received a reward from the Al Maktoum, where each of them was handed 50,000 dirhams (21,712 Egyptian pounds) and thanked them for the work of mercy they had done.

The Moroccan citizen, Ashraf Blanza, told the Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan, that he received a reward of 50 thousand dirhams, and the three others who participated with him in rescuing the cat received the same amount, and thanked Al Maktoum.

 "Blinza", the worker, a real estate guard in Deira, participated in the rescue operation, Nasir Arakal Muhammad, who works as a driver, as well as a sales representative named Mahmoud Nawazkhan, while the videographer, the rescuer, at the same time, Abdul Rashid Kotot, a worker in a grocery store in the area. the monastery.

In turn, the newspaper "Emirates Today" quoted the cat rescue team that this honor confirms that the UAE is a country of goodness, giving, and humanity, and that whoever lives on its land learns from its leaders a lot of the highest values ​​and principles.


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