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Tunisian President: Exceptional measures protect the state from collapse

Tunisian President Kais Saied said when receiving the Saudi Minister of State for African Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Qattan, that the exceptional measures announced in the country aim to "protect the state from collapse and put an end to choices that have increased the people's misery and poverty."

The duration of the exceptional measures announced since last July 25 is close to a month, with President Saeed taking over the executive authority in full, after freezing the powers of Parliament.

Today, when receiving the Saudi minister, the Tunisian president said that he had taken measures "in light of the unprecedented crisis in the situation" and that "there is no way to go back."

Said added, "The Tunisian people will not forget the honorable positions and the noble solidarity tide of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in these delicate circumstances."

For his part, the Saudi minister said, "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to continue standing by Tunisia and providing all the required support to the Tunisian people in all fields."

The Tunisian presidency announced a meeting between ministers and a number of officials from the two countries to discuss ways of bilateral cooperation in the coming period.


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