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Ayman Hefny gets permission to leave the Zamalek camp because of his daughter's illness

 Ayman Hefny, playmaker for the first football team in Zamalek Club, obtained permission from the technical staff, led by French Patrice Carteron, to be absent from the closed training camp currently being held in Borg El Arab in Alexandria.

Hefni's absence from the camp came due to the illness of his daughter Aisha and her escort in the hospital, which made the technical staff agree to grant him permission to leave the camp.

Ayman Hefni had asked his followers on social media to pray for his sick daughter, Aisha, and posted a prayer on his personal account on the "Twitter" website, saying, "Oh God, who hears the prayer of the slave if he calls you, O healer of the sick with your ability, O God, heal Aisha, a healing that does not leave sickness.. Your prayers are for her." recovering."

The French Patrice Carteron held a session with the team's players before the start of the morning training today, Monday, at the residence hotel stadium during the current Burj Al Arab camp.

The coach explained to the players today's training plan and asked them to focus in the current period, especially since Zamalek is on the verge of important matches, whether locally or in Africa.

The team players performed physical and rehabilitation exercises before the start of the morning training, and then the technical staff allocated a physical section for the players at the beginning of the training.

The coach divided the players into four groups, and each group performed physical exercises under the supervision of Portuguese weights coach Fernando.

The team is scheduled to conduct its evening training at 6:30 pm on the sub-court of the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

The team is preparing for the Kenyan Tusker match in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, scheduled for Sunday 15 or 16 October.

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