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Engineering industries: Egyptian meetings in Zambia with government officials to increase exports

 The Egyptian trade mission set off for Zambia, which includes household appliances, tableware, kitchen, electrical and cable industries, metal forming industries, automobile components and agricultural machinery.


The Export Council for Engineering Industries said that the first meetings were organized in Zambia in cooperation with the commercial representation, and in the presence of a number of Zambian officials, including Zikala Makasa, CEO of the Zambia Development Agency, and Jesica Shambo, head of the investment promotion sector in Zambia, representatives of the Zambian government.


The meeting was also attended by Moataz Anwar, the Egyptian ambassador to Zambia, Mohamed Abdullah, head of the Egyptian commercial office in Zambia, and Mai Helmy, executive director of the Export Council for Engineering Industries.


The Export Council for Engineering Industries announced the participation of 15 Egyptian companies, with the aim of increasing exports to the African market and identifying the needs of the Zambian market more. .


The Export Council announced that the Zambian market is one of the important markets for engineering industries, and engineering products are witnessing a high demand within the Zambian market, pointing out that the high cost of shipping from China gives greater opportunities for Egyptian engineering exports.


The council revealed that the volume of Egyptian exports to Zambia was $8 million in 2020, compared to $160 million in imports.


He explained that Egyptian exports enter the Zambian market without customs duties due to the COMESA agreement, and a 16% tax is imposed on the Zambian market, so Zambia is considered one of the most important markets that must be focused on during the coming period.

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