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An American killed a Moroccan, and two hours after his arrest, they released him


A Moroccan immigrant since 2013 in the United States, who obtained a master’s degree from one of its universities in financial analysis, spent at 3:40 am in the morning of October 11, killed by a bullet fired by an American. Two hours later, he was free as if he had not been killed.

Adel Al-Daghoghi, a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, wanted to check that day the GPS device for guidance, so he parked his car on the land, which is an extension in Martindale, Texas, of the home of the 65-year-old American Terry Turner, according to what reported. From the American media, as from a video presented below, in which his American girlfriend, Sara Todd, who is near her house, 7 minutes drive from the killer’s house, tells that she was with Al-Dogoughi at her cousin’s house on the night of October 10 after a barbecue party, and then she left with him shortly after midnight .

What happened is that the owner of the land got angry when Al-Dogoughi stopped his car on it, so he attacked him verbally and then shot him. While in custody, he told interrogators that Degogi had threatened him with a pistol, the police found no weapons in the car.

He also told investigators that when the car arrived at his land, he felt that its driver had stopped in a "suspicious" way to benefit from a law in Texas, which they call "standing on your land" and provides legal support to those who find themselves in rare cases for self-defense or private property. So, just two hours after turning himself in, the police released him on a $150,000 bond.

Late arrest and early release

As a result, the Al-Daghoughi family was surprised by the very early release of his killer. As I had previously revolted over the delay in his arrest, because the town of Martindale is small, with a population of only 1,200, and 65 kilometers from Austin, the capital of Texas, so it was difficult for the killer to move to the capital to facilitate his disappearance there without being recognized by the police on the road.

Information (Moroccan) about Adil Dghoughi is what was reported by the “Morocco 24” news website, about the official in the Consular Services Department of the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, Said Diani, that Daghoughi holds both Moroccan and American citizenship, and was previously married to an American citizen, and that the Moroccan Foreign Ministry is following up Through its consulate in New York, the circumstances of his death.


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