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All you need to know about the Egyptian planning system and its achievements

 Egypt is working to have a comprehensive planning system designed in accordance with international best practices and standards, and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development seeks to achieve a future development vision that ensures that Egypt has a comprehensive planning system designed in accordance with best practices and international standards to support sustainable development efforts and strategic directions aimed at rationalizing government spending and good use of resources and directing State investments in an efficient and effective manner.


What is the importance of creating a spatial information structure?


Establishing a spatial information infrastructure is an important tool for conducting comprehensive planning and preparing sustainable development strategies, which contributes to making decisions based on accurate information and following up on the implementation of these decisions in an effective manner.


The role of the Ministry of Planning in developing the Egyptian planning system?


The ministry adopted the development of the Egyptian planning system and the establishment of a comprehensive national project to integrate the spatial information infrastructure of the system with the aim of raising the efficiency of the investment development decision, as well as developing the information infrastructure for the various sectors of the state and developing government services.


What are the most important achievements of the spatio-information infrastructure project?


Developing (26) units of spatial variables in the offices of all governorates.

And the development of 292 sub-centers within the governorates at the level of the Republic

Availability of satellite visuals with a daily spatial accuracy of 3 meters covering the Arab Republic of Egypt

Availability of high-resolution satellite visuals of 30 - 80 cm covering populated places

Rationalizing aspects of government spending and the recurrent effort in purchasing satellite images and reviewing the position of the entities’ use of satellite images available through the project, which reached an annual estimate of the entities’ use of 300 million Egyptian pounds.

Providing aerial photos to the Egyptian General Authority for Survey leads to encouraging government agencies not to provide needs that were previously contracted to prevent double spending.


Availability of electronic accounts for the satellite imaging system for the relevant government agencies (65 government agencies and 27 governorates

Availability of satellite images for local services

Follow-up of development activities - building permits and reconciliations for building violations

Providing support to many projects and services (agricultural activities - water resources - assets - the technical secretariat for the governance of state assets .........)


With regard to the unit of spatial variables, a number of (26) units of spatial variables have been developed in the offices of all governorates

Developing (292) sub-spatial variables centers within the governorates at the level of the Republic

Issuing reports of spatial variables on a daily basis with a total of 571,000 variables so far


Follow up on spatial variables and their performance indicators


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