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Iron and cement prices in the Egyptian market on Sunday and a trend to reduce the price for the consumer

 We publish the prices of iron delivered to the factory land, which record 15 thousand pounds in some factories and reach 15,500 pounds as a maximum, but Ahmed Al-Ziny, head of the Building Materials Division, revealed the tendency of rebar distributors to reduce prices to the consumer by values ​​ranging from 200 to 400 pounds per ton, in There remained strong expectations of a drop in prices during the coming period after the abolition of import duties for billets, which prompted traders to dispose of the quantities they had.


Al-Zini added, in statements to “The Seventh Day”, that iron is now being traded in the range of 15,200 to 15,500 pounds per ton, compared to 16 thousand pounds, and as I mentioned that the decline is due to the reluctance to purchase and a significant decline in demand after the abolition of billet import duties, which would reduce prices. during the coming period.


He explained that cement prices range from 875 pounds, which is the lowest price at the level of the Republic, and the highest price reaches 1100 pounds for some other factories, while the price for the final consumer starts from 1050 to 1200 pounds, according to the consumer, according to the transportation distance.


He stressed the continued stability of iron and cement prices in the market, with a state of anticipation and anticipation for a drop in iron prices due to the abolition of import duties on billet and rebar.


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