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Poultry prices in Egypt today.. a kilo drops to 25 pounds on farms

 Poultry prices stabilized today, Sunday, at the time of publishing this report, after recording a decline of about 3 pounds throughout the week’s trading, and a kilo of white chickens recorded 25 pounds per kilo on the farm, and reached the consumer at a price starting from 30 pounds per kilo and up to 33 pounds in some areas. As for the price of a carton of eggs, it is still at levels of 40 pounds on the farm, according to the data of the Poultry Wealth Division, according to the Poultry Wealth Division.

The division added in the price bulletin, that the Sassu chicks delivered the farm land 32 pounds, down 3 pounds, and the price of the white chick ranged from 6 to 6.25 pounds at the time of drafting this report, down more than 1.25 pounds, and the price of the Sasso chick was 5 pounds to 5.25 pounds, the price of chicks is mothers White records 19 pounds now and records two pounds falling.

The price of the white egg dish continues to be stable for the week at 40 pounds, the baladi 56 pounds, and the red eggs 42 pounds, where prices are stable for the second week, with slight fluctuations.

All prices for poultry and eggs always record a continuous change in the market for consumers due to supply and demand factors, in addition to the difference in shipping cost from one governorate to another.


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