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 Lebanese President General Michel Aoun received today, Tuesday, in the presence of former Minister Nicolas Tueni, former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, and presented with him the developments of the situation in Lebanon and Iraq, and the challenges facing the two countries. Some proposals related to holding a conference for national dialogue in Lebanon, and another conference to chart the future of the Arab Mashreq countries were also presented.

In statements to reporters after the meeting with the Lebanese President, Allawi stressed that the meeting touched on important files, including the unity of the ranks, noting that he called for a national dialogue in Lebanon, calling on the Lebanese citizens to organize an urgent conference for the national dialogue to stop the repercussions of what is happening.


Allawi indicated that he spoke with the Lebanese president about the necessity of holding a conference for the Arab Mashreq, which is a metaphor for multiple conferences of the Gulf countries and the Arab Maghreb, followed by an expanded conference at the level of the region as a whole, in order to draw a road map for the region in the future, indicating that he will convey this message to some Arab leaders.


On the developments of the situation in Iraq, especially after the attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, "Allawi" pointed out that the security turmoil continues, and that the Iraqis are waiting for the report on the attack on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, adding, "We are waiting for the report of the Prime Minister to determine the identity of the perpetrators and the party behind this." the operation."


Allawi indicated that he assured the Tunisian president about a year ago that solutions start from Lebanon, explaining that peoples have learned from Lebanon democracy, human rights, and coexistence because Lebanon is located in the heart of the Arab nation, and for this they are keen on the safety of this country first, and to try to find ways to support him.


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