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The American Interior: A task force to change the names of areas that demean minorities

 The US Department of the Interior announced the creation of a task force that will locate and rename lands owned by the federal government that have racist or demeaning terms for minorities.

Observers pointed out that this comes after similar changes that occurred in sports events and private businesses in previous years.

And US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland explained in a statement today, Sunday, that this new force will include representatives from agencies affiliated with the Federal Land Administration in addition to experts in the areas of diversity, equality and inclusion, noting that the work of the force will include dialogue with tribal officials and representatives of departments at the state level, in addition to opinion general.

She pointed out that the ministry places reservations on some conventions, such as degrading the indigenous people and calling many places, noting that there are also places called "Negro" or "Chinaman", which include pejorative names for blacks or people of origin. Asian or Latin.


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