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Thousands protest in France to condemn violence against women

 Thousands of demonstrators roamed the streets of Paris and other French cities on Saturday, calling on the government to take more measures to prevent violence against women.

The protesters marched in Paris behind a large banner reading "Stop sexism and sexual violence", amid growing anger over the killing of women by their partners, and as French women spoke out about sexual harassment and abuse.

Organizations against violence against women said that "at least 101 women have been killed by their partners or ex-partners in France so far this year, about one woman every 3 days."

More than 220,000 women suffer physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their partners each year, according to a nationwide study conducted in 2017.

For their part, activists have urged President Emmanuel Macron's government to allocate 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) each year to fighting violence against women, instead of the 360 ​​million ($406 million) spent now, in part to create more shelters for women victims of violence.


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