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All you need to know about the Baghdad Summit "Participants and Objectives"
bebo 26 August 2021
 A number of senior leaders and high-ranking figures in the Middle East began arriving in Iraq to attend a conference aimed at easing tensio...
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Biden: The evacuation planes that take off from Kabul go first to US bases around the world
bebo 23 August 2021
 US President Joe Biden said on Sunday evening, "The United States' first priority in Kabul is the evacuation of American citizens,...
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Crowds line up outside Buckingham Palace to watch the old guard change into the new. Photos
bebo 23 August 2021
 Replacing the new guard with the old, or what is known as the changing of the guard, is a tradition that takes place in Buckingham Palace, ...
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Australian police arrested hundreds of protesters opposing the closure and injuring 7 officers
bebo 21 August 2021
 Australian police arrested hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne and Sydney today, Saturday, and seven officers were taken to h...
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Police arrest Haitian President Moise's security coordinator as part of the investigation into his assassination
bebo 27 July 2021
 The Haitian National Police announced that it had arrested the security coordinator of the late president, Jovenel Moise, as part of the in...
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German police say 5 people are missing in chemical plant explosion
bebo 27 July 2021
 Five people are missing and others injured after an explosion rocked an industrial area in the western German city of Leverkusen on Tuesday...
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United Nations: Child casualties in Afghanistan by 2021 increased by 55%
bebo 26 July 2021
 The United Nations website for the coordination of humanitarian affairs published a report from the international organization Save the Chi...
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Iraqi Foreign Minister: We expect to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of US forces from our country
bebo 23 July 2021
  The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, announced today, Friday, that he expects to reach an agreement on the American withdrawal from I...
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Politico: Progressive Democrats Seek to Protect Biden's Infrastructure Plan
bebo 22 July 2021
  The American newspaper "Politco" said that progressive Democrats are seeking to protect US President Joe Biden's plan for ma...
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A decisive meeting for the 12 clubs tonight to discuss the fate of the European Super League
bebo 20 April 2021
 In a rapid development of events, British press reports revealed that the 12 clubs that announced participation in the European Super Leagu...
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Prime Minister of Norway: "I wish all Muslims in the world a beautiful Ramadan"
bebo 13 April 2021
 Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway, congratulated the Muslims of her country and the Muslims of the world, on the occasion of the adven...
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Czech Foreign Minister confirms stepping down from office
bebo 12 April 2021
 Czech Foreign Minister, Tomas Petricek, has confirmed that he will step down at the request of the Chairman of his Social Democratic Party,...
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Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, dies
bebo 09 April 2021
 Prince Philip, the Duke of Anbra and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, passed away at the age of 100, after suffering with i...
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Putin discusses with Merkel by phone the current escalation in Donbas
bebo 08 April 2021
 Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed, by phone, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the current escalation in the Donbas region in s...
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The parade of royal mummies is the first on Twitter in the world. A ceremony for the transfer of the kings of Egypt.
bebo 04 April 2021
  Egypt dazzles the world with its golden journey ... President El-Sisi's reception of royal mummies reflects the Egyptian state’s inter...
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A train derailed in Taiwan, killing and wounding dozens
bebo 02 April 2021
 At least 50 people were killed after a train carrying about 500 passengers derailed in a tunnel in Taiwan on Friday morning. Dozens of pass...
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